/ Web Design /

Online Storefront

Design the exclusive storefront cover for
individual ebay's client and the promotion
banners for the specified product from
fashion to automotive parts.

/ Print /


Weekly promotion page for the luxury brands,
such as Gucci, Guerlain, Vacheron Constantin and
the Rolls Royce. The purpose is to introduce their
history and latest news in the market.

/ Print /


Produce the entire magazine for different
themes and design images for individual content.

/ Infographic /


Analyse the raw data from marketing team
to produce the easy-understanding and fancy
looking graphic for the ebay presentation.

/ Others /

Logo & Font

Create and design the logo and typo to
deliver the interesting meaning behind.

/ Other /


Capture the interesting moment of the others,
things that easy to be neglected,
and some commercial shooting.